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Fall Brawl Details

Fifth Year

November 8 and/or November 9, 2014

Great Location: Centreville, MD

Hall of Fame Coach Cottle, past Head Coach University of Maryland and Loyola College and current Chesapeake Bayhawks Coach joins Matt Hogan, of, to bring you an exciting youth fall tournament to Centreville, Maryland: White Marsh Park(4 Bermuda Fields) and Route 18 Park. Hope you can join us for a great time in the fall.

Brief Description:
Youth Boys Lacrosse
One Day Tournament. You can join us for 2 days if you wish.
3 52 minute games: 2 26 minute halves
Round Robin Formt

Click Here for Fall 2013 Lax Invitational Recruiting Tournament, a high school tournament

2013 Pictures

6,000 Pictures

We wish to thank all of the teams and the over 1,000 players who participated in the 2013 Fall Brawl. It was a great two days on fantastic fields and good-fun lacrosse.

Thank you officials for a job well done. Hope to see you all this summer and next year.
2013 Final Scores


I registered and need to pay


Player Registration. Each and every player must complete the Player Registration in order to play in the tournament. Players cannot register until their coach has completed the Coaches Registration. Coaches it is your responsibility to ensure all of your players are registered.


Two one day tournaments

Come one day or both days, each day is its own tournament

Saturday November 9, 2013
Sunday November 10, 2013

First game will either be 8:00 or 9:00 AM
Last game will end at either 5:00 or 6:00 PM

Each team will play 3 games, each game will consist of two 26 minute running time halves. These are longer games.


U9 (anyone born on or after September 1 2004)
U11 (anyone born between Sept 1, 2002 -August 31, 2004)
U13 (anyone born between Sept 1,2000-Aug 31, 2002)
U15 (anyone born between Sept 1,1998-Aug 31,2000 )

If you are interested in playing a high school tournament please visit Fall Lax Invitational


Prior to September 15, 2013, $1,000

After September 15, 2013, $1,100

Early Bird fee all costs must be paid by September 15, 2013
All fees must be paid in full by October 15, 2013.

If same team participates in both days total cost is $1,800
Minimum of half payment must be received to hold spot.

Game Rules:


  • On Flag Down situation play continues until usual stoppage or defense gains possession. Ball can come out of offensive zone and touch the ground. If ball is loose and fouling team commits a technical foul, it is time serving.
  • Faceoff; prior to whistle illegal procedure - 3 a half by team is a 30 second penalty
  • Change of Possession Offsides- Ball is re-started at location when whistle was blown
  • Time outs- can only be called in offensive zone or during a dead ball.
  • All counts in effect.
  • No horns except post flag down.
  • No “Keep it in” in last 2 minutes of game or if officials think a team is stalling. Instead a “Timer on” call will be made. The offensive team must produce a shot on goal in 30 seconds.


  • 26 minute running time halves. Stop time last 2 minutes of second half.
  • All penalties stop time
  • 2 minute half time
  • 1 45 second timeout per game per team, clock does stop.
  • Timeout can be called during dead ball or in possession in offensive zone:
  • Offensive zone is sideline to sideline below restraining line.
  • Overtime: 4 minute sudden-victory overtime. If still tied, remains a tie.
  • No Horns, except post flag downs only.

U11 Game Rules:
SAME AS High School, U15, and U13 RULES
Exceptions: 37” stick is shortest stick permitted

U9 Game Rules:
Same as U11 except
No body checking
Longest pole is 52” in length. No more than 4 sticks between 44”-52”
Mercy rule in effect; if a team is winning by 5 goals or more, the losing team will be awarded the ball after a goal, at faceoff “X.”
Horns on sidelines and after flag down only.
Yes, EMO and EMD.

Applicable to all games:

  • Time (penalty, game, half) will be kept at the bench.
  • Bench timer will give 2 minute warning: prior to start of game, end of first half, end of game.
  • The substitution box will be the NCAA size, 20 yards wide.
  • Field timer must be made aware of any game disputes immediately following the game. Field timer will report disputes to Info Tent.
  • Stick heads will not be measured. Depth of pocket and length will be.

Faceoff Rule Clarification:
If a team, not a player, a team, commits 3 pre-whistle procedures in any half a 30 second penalty is assessed to the team.

2012 Fall Brawl Results and Info

Thank You!

To all of those who participated in the Fall Brawl, hoganlax wishes to thank you for being a part of our tournament and making it a success. The weather was somewhat cooperative on Sunday. I wish to also thank all of you for your patience with the schedule and field changes due to the rain Sandy brought to us.

Saturday Results

Sunday Results

Pictures by F8 Sports

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Tournament Partner

Tournament Partner

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