2019 Game Schedule

Schedule is out out

Everyone plays at least 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday

For most pools your play on Saturday will determine your games on Sunday

The teams in a 6 Team Division will play all 5 other teams, then we will seed #1 and #2 for Championship

The teams in a 5 Team Division will play all other 4 teams, then we will seed #1 and #2 for Championship. The team that played 4 games on Saturday will only play 1 game on Sunday unless they have a pool game on Sunday and are #1 or #2 seed.

  • Division is the grade
  • Pool is the group of teams you play within a Division
  • Bracket are the playoff games on Sunday

Visit our Maps & Directions page to all sites. These include the field layouts

Visit our game rules and seeding procedures pages. Everyone has different rules and everyone has different seeding procedures.

We received either an email or phone verification from every team on their division. We sent 2 proofs to all coaches prior to publishing schedule. 

Good luck to all teams.