6 v 0 & 7 v 0

6 v 0 Notes

 This is a drill designed to assist with your offense with what they do when the ball goes on the ground.  
Most importantly, do not give up a fast break going the other way.  Where do you go, where do you run 
to, where to you line up.  Cover the field, make it a big field.  Make the defensive team cover as much of 
the field as possible. 

Set Up: 

  • Have 6 players on the field 
    • 3 Attack 
    • 3 Middies 
  • Have players run skeletal offense 
  • Coach have a bunch of balls 


  • Coach blows whistle, rolls ball on the ground 
  • First we go after the ball 
  •  Second “Protect the 7” 
  • Provide Adjacents 
    • Once the ball is picked up, we make 2 passes before attacking the goal 
  • Once the rush is over, call your settle call, run skeletal offense; worse thing that should happen is you have the ball 
  • Repeat 
  • 2 on the ball 
  • 2 Adjacents 
  • 1 Protect the 7 
  • 1 Allowing for second pass, if ball goes to “X

7 v 0 Notes

 This is a drill designed to assist with clearing the ball inbounds. Where do you go, where do you run to,
where to you line up.  Cover the field, make it a big field.  Make the riding team cover as much of the
field as possible.

Set Up:

  • Have 7 players on the field
    • Goalie
    • 3 Defenders
    • 3 Middies, one a long pole
  • Have a middie in the sub box
  • Coach have a bunch of balls


  • Coach rolls ball on the ground
  • Players, except the one or two who are going after the ball, get inside; “Touch the Trash Can.”
  • Once the ball is picked up, everyone runs to spots:
    • Provide 2 adjacent passes
    • Once a pass is made, give that player an adjacent pass
    • Continue
  • Get ball to other end of the field, make substitutions
  • Whistle and repeat


Coach you must be outside the player you are rolling ball away from
You can have players line up as if certain player is playing the ball; then roll ball out