8 Lines

Not sure why we call it 8 lines when it is only 7 lines. This is a great up and down the field drill and much more realistic of the types of throws you need to make. Older guys: have the players on the sidelines; younger players: have them on restraining lines.

Drill Notes & Diagram


  • Goalies at GLE one side of the field
  • Lines
    • GLE opposite goalies
    • Timeline and restraining line
    • Midline and wing restraining line
    • Time line and restraining line
    • Each side of goal on GLE far goal


  • Go to line you throw to
  • Don’t leave until guy throwing you the ball catches the ball


  • Line 4 will want to pass the ball to line 6.
  • Don’t coach line 4 to make the right pass
  • Coach line 5 to speak up and calling for the ball: “Be a good teammate and call for the ball.” “Help your teammate to make the right decision, call for the ball.”
  • Lines 6 breaks when line 4 catches the ball, the over the shoulder pass should be at least a 20 yard pass
  • No one leaves line until guy passing you the ball catches the ball
  • Players stay at starting line, they will want to migrate to the center of the field


  • Everyone throws the ball
  • Everyone throws but last guy, who catches over the shoulder, shoots the ball
  • If you catch it roll it, if you scoop it throw it. The line throwing the over the shoulder, line 5, always throws it.
  • Add G2, this could be coach.
  • Line 5 makes pass standing still