H  O  G  A  N  L  A  X     P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S

Additional Services

HoganLax Coach's Coach

Dave Cottle, Monica Yeakel, Matt Hogan, Faceoff/Draw Specialist

Coaches on site to assist with your team

  • Dave Cottle, Head Coach & General Manager, Chesapeake Bayhawks.
  • Monica Yeakel, Director Diamonds Lacrosse, US Lacrosse Hall of Fame, Baltimore Chapter.
  • Matt Hogan, CEO & Founder, HoganLax.com
  • Faceoff specialist will be available
  • What are your needs, we will work to assist you in improving them and providing staff to assist.


How can we help?

On the field or off the field, rely on the experience of HoganLax coaches, we are here to help you, the coach make your team better. We can assist you and your staff directly or we can work with your team; hands on. We will assist you prepare for your season.  Please Contact Us with your requests and ideas – We are here to help you:  Practice Planning Drill implementation; conduct a practice; conduct position specific skill sessions;; analysis of practice or game/scrimmage; scout your team. Is there something else, let us know, we are here to help. 

There is no requirement for our staff to work with your team.

The Program

Leadership Seminars

Both Seminars below are included at no extra charge:


For an additional fee, and only through Hoganlax Team Training The Program can provide your team with the Agoge. Student- athletes first participate in a rigorous, military style physical training session alongside The Program Leadership Instructors. The Program team will first review their Ethos and 3 Core Principles and then challenge the team to prove its commitment to them. Small group work is then conducted in a classroom setting using The Program’s leadership development curriculum. The primary focus of this training is Developing Trust, Individual Values and Motivations, Holding Teammates Accountable, and Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders and Teammates. The tools provided in The Agoge act as a building block; providing individuals and teams the toolset to build a foundation for success. The Agoge will be scheduled through HoganLax during one of your normal training periods (Approximately 3 hours). 

Contact us regarding options, see below, and pricing to have the Program work with your coaches and/or your team.

Visit The Program's list of available services while attending Hoganlax Team Training

Rooming Options

Coaches & Players

Player Rooming Options

Hoganlax's pricing assumes 4 players to a room. If the number of players you bring is not divisible by 4, no additional charge for any 'empty' beds.  However, there are times when players, for one reason or another, need to be one or two to a room rather than four to a room. If you foresee this as a possibility, please contact us for pricing.  

Coach Rooming Options

One Coach to Room:  Hoganlax's pricing assumes 2 coaches to a room.  If the number of coaches you bring is not divisible by 2, no additional extra charge for having one of the coaches in their own room.  However, there are times when coaches, for one reason or another, need to be by themselves in a room. If you foresee this as a possibility, please contact us for pricing

Local Attraction Discounted Tickets

Universal & Disney & others

In January of each year, we will provide to teams a website where they can purchase discounted tickets to area attractions. 


Olentangy Pioneers in the Ice Bath