Box Drill Lecture

Box Drill Notes & Diagram


  • 2 players stand 10 yards apart, one play stands between them: “Stationary guys.”
  • The player in the middle runs the entire time: “Runner.”


  1. The 2 players 10 yards apart stand still.
  2. Runner, whoever throws you the ball, throw it back to him.
  3. Stationary Guys, whoever throws you the ball, throw it back to other guy.
  4. The runner will catch the ball, throw it back to same player, then run around that player, catch from other player, throw back to same player, and run around him. Continue for 20‚Äźseconds. Rotate players.
  5. The runner runs around a stationary player with his butt end between him and the stationary player.
  6. The pass to the runner should be made as soon as he turns the corner, or as he is turning the corner; runner get you head around and look for the ball.


  • Players will get on top of each other; get ball out of stick soon
  • Players on end get lazy and stand wrong way


  • Runner right handed
  • Runner left handed
  • Runner Switch hands after the catch
  • Runner switch hands after the throw; don’t do much
  • Stationary switch hands after the catch: switch hands, switch feet, throw the ball.
  • Stationary guys “wrong way” stance

The better you are the closer the 2 stationary guys can stand.


  • Standing right way, shoulders turned
  • Get ball out of your stick
  • No cradling