Cottle's Over the Shoulder

This drill will work on catching the ball overthe shoulderin a pattern very similarto game situations. The drill spacing will need to be adjusted by age and ability.  You can choose to have the players change lines or not change lines; they tend not to be able to change lines correctly.


Cottle's Over the Shoulder Drill Notes & Diagram


  • Goalies in goal with lots of balls
  • Cones set up 5 yards from each other: 2.5 yards from Rydo line at each restraining line and midline
  • First play at cone is facing the sideline
  • Option Set up for younger teams
    • Move goalies to timeline
    • Have only 2 lines of players breaking out; in between timeline and midline


  • Goalies throw ball to line closest to them
  • Players breakout perpendicular to the sideline
  • Counter clockwise, right hand
  • Clock wise, left hand
  • 2 balls going at one time
  • Change lines or to stay in line is your choice
  • Goalies throw to line, line throws to line, line throws to line, line throws to goalie, repeat


  • Do you change or not change lines?
  • Players will tend to break away or towards ball; break directly to sideline
  • Once player catches the ball they tend to slow down; they should accelerate, get their head around, & throw
  • Balls catch up to one another, Goalies get new balls going
  • Your lines must be very close to the Rydo line, otherwise players will run out of bounds