Edell's Four Corners

Not lots of running, good over the shoulder drill, difficult passes and catches.


Edell's Four Corners Drill Notes & Diagram

Set Up:

  • Lines at corner of restraining boxes: either of one box or the opposites end of the field.
  • Balls and coaches or goalies in at faceoff “X”


  • 2 Balls at the same time
  • Need 2 people with balls, each person watches one ball, if pass goes array, person inside throws out new ball
  • Players run Clockwise two options, that coach determines
    • Catch left throw left
    • Catch right throw left
  • Players run Counter clockwise two options, that coach determines
    • Catch right throw right
    • Catch left throw right
    • Set direction and hand
    • “When I blow the whistle we will switch direction and catch XXXX and throw XXXX


  • Lots of missed balls to start
  • People inside cannot talk or socialize, they must watch one ball and only one ball
  • Players watching ball in front of them vs. the one coming to them