Fall Brawl Schedule

Schedule is live

We strongly encourage all to download the Tourney Machine app, it is free, and then follow your team.

Once on the app, find Fall Brawl, touch on Divisions, touch your Division, touch "Standings," touch your team. In the top right hand corner touch jersey with "follow" on it. You will now be notified on any schedule changes to your team,

If you touch on "more" at bottom of screen when in Tourney Machine you will see field maps, and rules.

We will also update you via a text message regarding weather delays; we have had rain the past 3 Sundays.

We will also email everyone of changes; be sure all players have registered. The Director of your team knows who has registered for Fall Brawl

We will have:

  • Water and Gatorade on all fields with cups.
  • Trainers on at least every 2 fields.
  • Food vendors and other vendors at all site.
  • Parking attendants, please follow their lead.
  • Scores update on Tourney Machine