GB Sideline Drill


Drill Notes & Diagram

Groundballs can never be done without some type of intensity. Be sure all players run through a GB before turning. Young players tend to pick up a GB only going towards their offensive goal. They need
to learn the idea is to run through the ball and to open space, not to their offensive goal.


  • Run through the ball
  • Turn towards your butt end
  • After picking the ball off the ground look to throw it
  • Provide adjacents, support to your teammate, to GB
  • Teach how to switch hands after picking it up

Groundballs Away & Groundballs To:

  • See Line drill issues


  • Roll the ball really far from the defenders

Sideline Drill:


  • Place 2 cones next to each other 2‐3 yards from the sideline
  • Have balls out of bounds directly in front of the 2 cones


  • A line of players behind each cones, first player facing the sideline
  • One line has their front foot on their cone
  • One line has their back foot on their cone
  • Coach drops ball inbounds signaling the players to fight for GB
  • Players fight for GB; they cannot play man or ball from out of bounds
  • They cannot push
  • Once they have the GB they must run away with it.


  • After the ball is scooped the player can pass it to another player (G) standing somewhere near the middle of the field.
  • This makes the scooper run until he throws the ball

Watch For:

  • Scooper stopping once he picks up the ball
  • Lots of pushes from behind
  • Playing man or ball from out of bounds
  • First man to ball needs to breakdown, bend knees, be strong
  • If pole is first to ball, box out, get opponent on hip, turn him, and kick ball and chase
  • It is okay to lose the GB but be in position to play defense.