H  O  G  A  N  L  A  X     P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S

HoganLax Team Training Press Release 2021

HoganLax Delivers “Incredible” Team Training Experience

HoganLax has steadily been perfecting its Team Training program ever since it began six years ago.

Now HoganLax is excited to announce two significant changes that will make the Team Training experience even better in 2019.

Beginning next year, HoganLax Team Training will be conducted at the Boombah Sports Complex in Sanford, Florida with the Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs serving as home base for all participants.

“We are thrilled to have found a new location that combines a high-quality hotel with a modern facility,” said Matt Hogan, founder and CEO of HoganLax. “We spent considerable time and effort researching our options and visited about 12 different sites over the last few years. We firmly believe this site really offers what our teams have been asking us to provide.”

Boombah Sports Complex features 15 state-of-the-art lighted fields along with numerous other amenities and features. HoganLax will be utilizing Hub B, which consists of five synthetic turf fields with a seating area, concession stand, restroom facilities and training room located at the center.

“This facility is just two years old, so it is basically brand new,” said Danny Trosset, Director of Sports Tourism for Orlando North, Seminole County Sports. “We have hosted a wide range of events for a variety of sports and received rave reviews for the overall product we deliver.”

Moving to turf fields after previously being on grass is a huge plus for HoganLax since Florida experiences occasional rain storms during that time of the year. Now, overnight rains or afternoon showers will not affect the quality of the playing surface or prevent teams from practicing, Hogan said.

Boombah Sports Complex, named after the uniform, footwear and equipment manufacturer that serves as title sponsor, annually conducts more than 60 tournaments and events for such diverse sports as field hockey, soccer, baseball, softball and now lacrosse.

Trosset said the complex proved ideal for Winter Escape, a 100-team tournament organized by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association. Boombah just welcomed the Champions Cup, which is put on by the Florida Rush Soccer Club.

HoganLax Team Training marks the facility’s first foray into the stick sport and set the stage for the Boombah Sports Complex to host the Top of the Bay Lacrosse Showcase.

“On behalf of Orlando North and Seminole County, we are thrilled with the opportunity to welcome HoganLax and all the participating teams to our wonderful destination,” Trosset said. “We offer a top-of-the-line facility and are quite confident it will suit the needs of the HoganLax Team Training program.”

HoganLax will now lodge all participating teams at the fabulous Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs, which features 309 rooms that have been totally renovated as of January. It is a spacious property that contains the most meeting space of any hotel in Seminole County.

Director of Sales, Catering and Marketing Don Bosworth noted that the Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs specializes in hosting sports-related organizations and teams. University of Central Florida has a long-term relationship with the hotel and recommends it to opposing schools.

“Almost all the teams that play Central Florida in any sport stay here,” Bosworth said.

Bosworth explained that sales manager Randi Grisham has focused heavily on the sports market while the size of the hotel and amenities offered are ideal for athletic programs that need a large block of rooms, meeting space and catering service.

The Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs also sponsors the Orlando City Pride professional women’s soccer team and hosts many of its opponents as well. The Universite’ Laval football program, a Canadian perennial powerhouse from Quebec City, travels to Orlando for its spring training camp every year in February or March.

“Laval, which is the most successful college football program in North America, has been coming here for years. They spend three weeks here and we feed them three meals a day,” Bosworth said. “We are passionate about hosting sports teams and are very good at doing so. That is why we have such a strong relationship with Central Florida and Laval keeps coming back.”

Bosworth said the Hilton Orlando/Alatamonte Springs is excited to add lacrosse to its deep roster of sports. He promised the hotel would welcome participants in HoganLax Team Training with open arms.

“This is a wonderful new business opportunity and we are really looking forward to working with HoganLax,” he said. “We do consider ourselves the guru of sports in the hotel industry so this is a big deal for us. Everyone on our team will be working together to make sure our HoganLax visitors are comfortable and well taken care of.”

All other elements of the renowned Team Training program remain the same with HoganLax providing complete logistical support. Lacrosse coaches can bring their team to warm, sunny Florida for a full week of preseason preparation without worrying about anything else.

“Our teams are looking for a well-appointed hotel that provides a safe environment and outstanding food along with excellent fields that allow them to practice three times per day, two hours at a time,” Hogan said. “HoganLax takes care of every facet of the trip from the time the team lands in Orlando. We allow the coach to concentrate on his team while we handle all the details.”

Logistical services provided include all transportation, housing and meals along with providing trainers and officials, setting up scrimmages and scheduling practices. Teams can avail themselves of the HoganLax “Coach’s Coach” program that provides expertise on various practice drills, strategies and evaluation.

Hogan, former head coach at the University of Pennsylvania and MIAA A Conference stalwart St. Mary’s High School in Annapolis, has put together a team of experienced coaches to provide advice and support. Dave Cottle, a recent inductee into the Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Association Hall of Fame after compiling nearly 300 career victories at Loyola and Maryland, is another key member of the staff. Monica Yeakel, past Head Coach at UMBC and current Diamonds Lacrosse Club, work with the girl’s teams in the event. HoganLax will also have a faceoff specialist and goalkeeper coach available.

HoganLax has annually been attracting teams to three separate Team Training sessions in March. In 2019, the weeks being offered begin on March 10th, March 17th and March 24th. Teams have come from all over the United States, using spring break to gain valuable training time and getting a head start on the competition.

“Teams can come to Orlando to get good weather while bonding as a team and taking advantage of the hours they can be on a field every day over the course of a week,” Hogan said.