Line Drills

Drills Notes

Line Drills

  • Doing at end of practice as disguised running is good
  • Keep the players at defined distances: wing restraining line, sideline to sideline
  • They run, they communicate, it is full speed
  • Throw the ball.
  • If you are doing catch and switch hands, then they should be running diagonally five yards when they switch hands. They should not be running in a straight line and switching hands.
  • The lines should be offset by 5 yards and they need to reset when you change which hands they are switching from and to.

Groundball Lines Drills

Groundballs To:

Have the player picking up the ball after picking it up to throw it. One of the most important parts of getting a GB is moving it after getting it. Therefore, why practice picking a ball up and then putting it back down.

Groundballs Away:

Make sure the ball is in front of the scooper before he leaves his line. Otherwise it is not a GB away, it is a GB sideways.