H  O  G  A  N  L  A  X     P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S

Policies, Rules, & Regulations

2021 Game Rules

2028, 2027, 2026 Divisions: NCAA Rules and Regulations

  • On flag down situation play continues until usual stoppage or defense gains possession.
    • Ball can come out of the restraining box and play continues.
    • If ball is loose and fouling team commits a technical foul, it is a time serving foul. Faceoff; prior to whistle illegal procedure- 3 a half by a team results in a 30 second penalty.
  • Change of Possession Offside- Ball is re-started at location when whistle was blown.
  • Time Outs- can only be called in offensive zone or during a dead ball.
  • No horns. No “Keep it in” in last 2 minutes of game or if officials think a team is stalling. Instead a “Timer On” call will be used. The offensive team must produce a shot on goal within 30 seconds of the “Timer On” call.
  • Back Court rules in effect. Once offensive team touches ball in their offensive zone, if ball crosses midline it is a “Play On” situation.
  • Sticks heads must either meet NCAA or Federation standards.
  • 20 Seconds to clear the ball. No other counts.
  • No dives.
  • Faceoffs: no knee down, no moto grip

2029, 2030 Same HoganLax rules as above with below exceptions:

  • 37” is shortest stick permitted.

2031, 2032 Same HoganLax rules as rules above with below exceptions:

  • No body checking. Longest pole is 60” in length.
  • No more than 4 sticks between 44”-60.”
  • Mercy rule, if a team is winning by 5 goals or more, the losing team will be awarded the ball after all goals scored.
  • Horns on sidelines and after flag down situations.
  • Yes, EMO and EMD. Applicable to all games Time (penalty, game, half) will be kept at the bench.

Applicable to all games

  • 2 22 minute halves.
  • Game time is running time except in last 2 minutes of game when it is stop start time
  • Penalty time is stop-start 
  • Game time and penalty time will be kept by score keeper
  • 1 Time out per game per team, clock stops during time outs
  • Field timer must be made aware of any game disputes immediately following the game. Field timer will report issue to Information Tent.

Rules Governing Team/Player Eligibility

Only currently registered players on hoganlax.com, for the specific tournament and who agree to the “Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity and Parental Consent AGREEMENT,” may participate in tournament games. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure all of his team members are registered. This can be confirmed on the Player Page for each tournament. Hoganlax.com will notify a coach if a player did not agree to the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity and Parental Consent AGREEMENT. 

Players may play “up” in age/grade groups, but may NOT play “down.” 

Any team that forfeits a game during the tournament will be ineligible to compete in any playoff games. The score for any forfeit will be: 

  • 7-0 since the greatest Goals Differential is 7 

No player may compete, or be rostered, on more than one team during the tournament. Any team with a player in violation of this rule will forfeit all games in which the player is known to have competed and therefore, forfeit the opportunity to advance to the playoff round. 

Tie breaker information is available under Game Rules. 

Any player, fan or coach ejected from the game will be prohibited from competing in his/her team's next game. 

Decisions on the field will be the final ruling. Any fighting or flagrant disrespect toward an official will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament. No Exceptions, No Refunds.

Spectators also need to respect the Officials and the Players. Bad behavior will not be tolerated. Should referees or tournament director deem a spectator, player, or coach needs to be removed from the site(s) of the tournament, it will be the responsibility of the coach from the offender’s team to remove the offender from the site(s). 

Each field is assigned a Field Timer; the Field Timer will record the score on a scorecard for each game. At the end of each game one referee who officiated the game will sign the scorecard to confirm final score and expulsions. Coaches should check the scorecard on the field if they wish to validate or challenge a score. Any challenges must be made immediately following the game with the Officials and Field Timer, who will contact a tournament administrator to address the issue. Once the scorecard reaches the administration tent the score is considered final. 

Refund Policy

  1. No team will receive a full refund. 
  2. Partial refunds will be issued if the tournament is canceled in whole. 
  3. Hoganlax.com will refund all but $250 for any team that registers and withdraws from the tournament prior to March 1 of the year of the tournament. 
  4. No refund of any kind for any team that registers and withdrawls anytime on or after March 1 of the year of the tournament. 
  5. No refunds will be issued if the tournament is shortened in part for any reason, including inclement weather or any other "Act of God." 
  6. No refunds will be issued for playoff or championship games are canceled due to weather. 
  7. No refund for any team that is removed from the tournament by the tournament director for using illegal players or behavior that requires the team to be removed from the tournament. 
  8. Hoganlax.com, LLC, its officers, employees and staff will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team, club or organization if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part. The Tournament along with local County or school officials reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the operation of the tournament and its judgment is final. 


Due to the uniqueness of COVID19 HoganLax will credit all those registered summer 2021 teams plus a $100 discount off the Early Bird price for for a HoganLax fall of 2021 or the summer of 2022 event if they cannot attend a summer 2020 event.

If a team wishes to change from one 2021 summer event to another 2021 summer event and apply funds to the new event, that will be permissable if we have not started the schedule for the event.

Weather Policy

In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, the tournament director reserves the right to: 

  • Reduce game times in order to catch up with schedule.
  • Finish games before inclement weather arrives, or to preserve field conditions. 
  • Reschedule games, if possible. 
  • Convert tournament to a "festival" format without playoffs or championships to provide the majority of teams the opportunity to play as many games as possible. 

Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on the website. However, weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as weather and fields are playable. 
The directors of hoganlax.com, LLC reserve the right to cancel, shorten, or reschedule tournament games due to inclement weather, poor field conditions, or player and fan safety concerns. No refunds will be granted if these actions are necessary. Field directors will communicate game changes. Schedule changes will be available at the Administration Tent and online at www.hoganlax.com

Thunder/Lightning Policy 

If thunder or lightning is observed play will be suspended immediately and players and fans will be asked to leave the fields to return to cars. Play will be allowed to resume 20 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning is observed which will be determined by the tournament medical staff. Every attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on time. Subsequent games will begin immediately after preceding games. These games may consist of one 30 minute running time period until games are back on schedule. Once games are back on schedule they will revert to “normal” tournament game time procedures.