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HoganLax announces creation of Shore Wars youth tournament in Ocean City

Matt Hogan has wanted to bring one of his outstanding lacrosse tournaments to a beach town environment for quite some time. He was just waiting for the right location and opportunity.

All the necessary parts have come together for HoganLax to move ahead with that initiative and the result is an exciting addition to the Annapolis-based company’s portfolio.

HoganLax is proud to announce the creation of Shore Wars, a youth level tournament that will debut in summer 2018 in Ocean City, Maryland. Games will be held at the Mid-Atlantic Youth Sportsplex, a brand new facility that is already drawing rave reviews.

“We like the idea of destination events more and more,” said Hogan, owner and operator of HoganLax. “Ocean City has always been a family friendly resort with a wide range of attractions. Everyone loves going to the beach!”

Shore Wars will be held June 2-3 (Saturday-Sunday) at the Mid-Atlantic Youth Sportsplex and will feature brackets for every age group between 2028 and 2022 (2nd through 8th grades). Hogan Lax can accommodate as many as 60 teams in the inaugural year with the intention of expanding to more than 100 in future years.

“We envision this event as the culmination of the season for a spring team or the kickoff of the season for a summer team,” Hogan said.

This tournament will be conducted in a championship format with all participating teams guaranteed four games. Pool games will be held Saturday and Sunday morning with the playoffs getting underway on Sunday.

HoganLax has taken into account that most parents will want to fold Shore Wars into a family vacation and will have each team play two games in close proximity on Saturday.

“We are scheduling things in such a manner that teams will not be on-site for long,” Hogan said. “We want all the players and families to have time to enjoy the beach and all the other activities that Ocean City offers.”

The Mid-Atlantic Youth Sportsplex, known by the acronym of MAYS, is located in the town of Pittsville just outside of Ocean City. This complex is easily accessible off Route 50 and features six Bermuda grass fields that are irrigated and impeccably maintained.

This 50-acre piece of pristine property previously served as a church retreat and has seven log cabins on-site. Those comfortable cabins are available for lodging by tournament participants and can sleep six apiece. MAYS also includes a 7,500-square foot clubhouse that seats 300 along with a registration office, concierge lounge for officials and a stocked fishing pond.

John Barrett, founding partner and co-owner of the Mid-Atlantic Youth Sportsplex, has booked several soccer, field hockey and lacrosse tournaments for the facility. MAYS opened two months ago and is currently hosting practices for club teams in the greater Salisbury-Ocean City region.

“HoganLax is precisely the type of organization we want to utilize this great complex,” Barrett said. “We heard that Matt Hogan and his team put on top-of-the-line lacrosse tournaments and wanted them here. We feel a HoganLax event is a perfect fit for our facility and are thrilled that Matt agreed.”

Hogan actually had some input into the design of the Mid-Atlantic Youth Sportsplex as Barrett called and asked what an organization such as Hogan Lax would be looking for in such a facility. Hogan shared with the ownership group his thoughts on what basic amenities are necessary along with the number and type of fields that are required. “

Having the HoganLax name and reputation associated with the Mid-Atlantic Youth Sportsplex sends a strong message that this complex has all the elements necessary to host a major tournament,” Barrett said.

Hogan recently toured the completed facility and was extremely impressed with what he saw. “I think it’s a really unique facility with a great atmosphere. All the fields are in excellent shape, the layout is terrific and there is plenty of parking. It totally suits our needs,” he said.

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