Two Men or One Man Inside

Drill Notes & Diagram


  • Outside players either on sideline or restraining lines
  • One or two players standing in middle between outside players
  • Place balls near outside players
  • Depending on the number of players you have you can put 1 or 2 players inside


  • Players in the middle run the entire time
  • 2 outside players remain still
  • Rotate the outside and inside players about every 30 seconds.
  • This is a great end of practice conditioning drill.


  • Run through the ball before turning, run to and through the ball
  • Continue running
  • Turn to butt end of stick
  • Get ball out of stick; turn and throw.
  • If the players are very close to one another when throwing and catching it is one of two things
    • If your lines are too close
    • The players are holding onto the ball too long.


  • Right to Right turn with the ball. Left to Left turn with the ball.
  • Right to Right turn without the ball. Left to Left turn without the ball.
    • If this is with one person in the middle you will need 2 balls
  • Groundballs: guys on outside catch and roll, guys inside scoop and throw
    • Scoop and turn with the ball
    • Scoop and turn without the ball
  • Over the shoulder, guys inside make a square, after each catch and each throw they plant their outside foot. Catch, plant, throw, plant, catch, plant, throw…
  • If catching over right shoulder, right handed, plant right foot if catching over left shoulder, left handed, plant left foot