Videos: Drills, Lectures, and More

Developing a Club Program

A 12 part series

Thoughts and Insights on developing your club by Matt Hogan, Director Annapolis Hawks

Building a Defense

Drills to develop your individual and concepts to a Team Defense

Brian Phipps, Goalie Warm Up and Drills

Instruction for coaches on how to warm up a goalie and provide drills for your goalie.

Building a Team Defense, LaxCon 2018, Matt Hogan

Live Demo of drills to help you build a team defense

Team Defense, New Jersey, Matt Hogan

Greatindividual, group, and team drills to develop individaul and team by Matt Hogan, in New Jersey

Coaching Tips

Life Lesson talks during Skill Sessions

2 Low Offense

2 Low Offense which is great vs a sliding defense.

Shooting Drills II, Dave Cottle

Shooting Clinic by Dave Cottle with 3rd through 7th graders

Shooting Drills I, Dave Cottle

Shooting Clinic by Dave Cottle with 8th graders and high school players

Drills and Drills, Matt Hogan

April 9, 2016

Drills and more Drills for the team and the individual, by Matt Hogan, Director Annapolis Hawks, at the 2016 HoganLax Annapolis Coaches Clinic

Goalie Play 2016, Brian Phipps

February 2016

Brian Phipps, Spalding High School, speaks at the 2016 HoganLax Coaches Clinic in Annapolis.

Drills for the Total Defenseman, Jake Baxter

February 2016

Jake Baxter, Annapolis Hawks, demonstrates defensive drills he used while coaching in college and for the Hawks, at the HoganLax Coaches Clinic in Annapolis in January 2016.

Coaching Philosophy and Practice Planning

January 20, 2016

Matt Hogan presents, at Diablo Scorpions Coaches Clinic in Danville California, Practice Planning and Coaching Philosophy

Offensive Drills, Matt Hogan

April 14, 2015

Matt Hogan presents, at US Lacrosse Convention on Live Field, Offensvie Drills

Rick Sowell Drills

April 9, 2015

Rick Sowell, Head Coach United States Naval Academy, presents his Favorite Navy Drills.  

Goalie Play

April 9, 2015

Brain Phipps, Archbishop Spalding High School Head Coach, presents different aspects of Goalie Play.  Coach Phipps played goalie at Maryland.

EMO, Kevin Giblin

March 17, 2015

Kevin Giblin, former Head Coach Georgetown Prep, and current Director, Club Blue, presents Extra Man Offense at Hoganlax Coaches Clinic in Annapolis.

Charley Toomey, EMD

March 16, 2015

Charley Toomey, Head Coach Loyola College, speaks on Extra Man Defense at the Hoganlax Coaches Clinic in Annapolis

Attack Play, Ben Rubeor

New March 2015

These concepts were presented by Ben Rubeor, St. Mary's High School, Chesapeake Bayhawks, at the Hoganlax.com Clinic in Annapolis January 2015

Youth Drills

New March 3, 2015

These drills were presented by Matt Hogan at the Hoganlax.com Clinic in Annapolis in January 2015.  Some groundballs drills, stickwork drills, and a defensive drill.  


Individual, group, and team defensive drills to help your team become better defensively, from individual footwork to team positioning. These drills build upon one another.


Drills designed to assist you in providing guidance and patience to your team when clearing.


Various drills to assist your individual players and teams most important aspect of their game: stickwork.  Some are position specific while others can be completed by the entire team.


These are like bread and butter; needed every day.  Various groundball drills instead of the 1 v 1, and 2 v 3. Learning body positioning, body awareness and leverage. However, most importantly: after you pick up the ball, throw it to someone!

Other Drills

These are drills that we use that really don’t fit into a category.  Sideways, Tambo and UVa are what we call Make the Next Play drills. Have patience with these.  6 v 0 and 7 v 0 are offensive and defensive strategies of what you do when the ball goes on the ground.


Faceoff presented by Casey Brodersen, Bryant College, at the Hoganlax.com Coaches Clinic in Springfield, MA

Where to Begin?

Casey Brodersen, Bryant College


Casey Brodersen, Bryant College

Grip, Clamp, Pinch

Casey Brodersen, Bryant College

During Practice

Casey Brodersen, Bryant College


Casey Brodersen, Bryant College


Shooting Drills by Mike Delia, Springfield College, at the Hoganlax.com Coaches Clinic in Springfield, MA

Form Shooting

Mike Delia, Springfield College

6 Line Shooting: Diagonal

Mike Delia, Springfield College

6 Line Shooting: Hitches

Mike Delia, Springfield College

6 Line Shooting: Set Shots

Mike Delia, Springfield College

Give & Go Part 1

Mike Delia, Springfield College

Give & Go Part 2

Mike Delia, Springfield College

Give & Go Part 3

Mike Delia, Springfield College

Give & Go Part 4

Mike Delia, Springfield College


Enjoy these fun music driven videos on different aspects of our involvement.

Sliding and Recovering Defense

Team Defense for sliding and recovering by Matt Hogan

Individual Defense, Matt Hogan

Individual Drills for all levels, Position Specific Footwork Drills by Matt Hogan

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